Ground is shared; upholding relationships that oblige a negotiation first with the seen, felt, tangible world. Yet, ground is largely concealed underfoot, in the contours of racist policy, legal title and extractive land-use. Through the lens of reconciliation, we seek expressions of interest for those working to expand the meaning of ground - whether urban, rural or transitional; including but not limited to place names, preservation values, botanical vocabulary, ancestral knowledge, invisible narratives and archaeological surveys. The most pressing question for us is: Where do we stand?

Propose a discussion with a community partner. Conversations should frame issues intersectionally and center communities most impacted by climate change.
Propose a 15-minute presentation for a paper that addresses the conference themes.  Proposals may include "Coauthoring Workshops" for unfinished research facilitated.
Propose an existing or future project, site, or transformative action in New York State / Lenapehoking that cultivates relationship building.