Can architecture become a thought structure rather than an outcome—this is the overriding premise of the learn segment, which looks at the ways in which learning can take place in the past, present and future of the design of an increasingly human altered planet. The topics addressed in this session include movements of historic intentional communities as models for the future, extraction and repair in the destructed ground and constructed ground of petroleum, differing and collective understandings of time and lineage, the relationship between climate justice organizers and spatial design professionals, and the development of communing practices for speculative postcapitalist futures.


All Mobile Workshops will take place on Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 2-5pm EST. The Learn Mobile Workshop will be traveling from Higgins Hall to Crown Heights, Brooklyn and is organized in collaboration with the The Weeksville Heritage Center. Be sure to indicate which Mobile Workshop you’d like to attend on your Eventbrite ticket registration form.


Propose a discussion with a community partner. Conversations should frame issues intersectionally and center communities most impacted by climate change.
Propose a 15-minute presentation for a paper that addresses the conference themes.  Proposals may include "Coauthoring Workshops" for unfinished research facilitated.
Propose an existing or future project, site, or transformative action in New York State / Lenapehoking that cultivates relationship building.