The Climate Collectivism Exhibition will run from 9am-8pm on all three days of the conference in the Siegal Gallery located in Higgins Hall. All times are in Eastern Time (New York). All Mobile Workshops will leave from Higgins Hall, 61 St James Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Please login to the Eventbrite Online Event Page to find all the registration links to each session.

9am-8pm Registration Higgins Hall
10:15am-12:45pm Workshops I
LEARN | Mending as (World) Building
GROUND | Commoning Agencies
VOICE | Cartooning for Climate - Part I
LEARN | Architecture after Architecture
Higgins Hall
HHS 213
HHS 110
HHS 100A
HHS 213
12:45am-2:15pm Coffee and Tea Higgins Hall
2:15pm-4:45pm Workshops II
GROUND | Plants In Action
VOICE | Community Resilience Thinking
LEARN | Reflecting on AHRA Dundee
VOICE | Conversation on Infrastructural Love

PS 200
Library ARR
Siegel Gallery
ARC E-02
5pm-7pm Welcome and Grounding with the Lenape Center Higgins Hall Auditorium
7:30pm-9pm Opening Reception Pratt House*
7am-8pm Registration Higgins Hall
7:30am-9am Coffee and Tea Pratt Cafe
8am-8:30am Design Action I
The Pop Up Drop Off
Townhouse Lawn
8:30am-10am Research Paper Plenaries I
Food | Disrupting Elite Capture
Ground | Planted Ground
Voice | Suppressed Voices
Learn | Movements
8:30am-10am Conversations I (Virtual)
Voice | Village Voices
Learn | Resilient Campus
10:15am-11:45pm Research Paper Plenaries II
Food | Disrupting Institutional Inequities
Ground | Elemental Ground
Voice | More than Human Voices
Learn | Time and Lineage
12pm-1:30pm Boxed Lunches Pratt Cafe
12pm-1:30pm AHRA Business Lunch Engineering Building
1pm-2pm Coffee and Tea Pratt Cafe
1pm-5:30pm Design Actions II
(details forthcoming)
Higgins Hall
3:45pm-4:45pm Workshops III + Special Sessions
(details forthcoming)
6pm-7:30pm Eva Diaz and Mary Mattingly in Conversation Higgins Auditorium
8pm-9pm Donas Da Terre Film Screening and Discussion virtual
8am-2pm Registration Higgins Hall
8am-9am Coffee and Tea Higgins Hall
9am-10:30am Research Paper Plenaries III
Ground | Uncertain Ground - Virtual
Voice A | Unearthed Voices
Voice B | Augmented Voices
Learn | Extraction and Repair
Higgins Hall
10:45am-12:15pm Conversations II
Ground | Two x Matavai
Voice | Changing the Curriculum for Climate Action
Voice | (In search of) Alternate Carbon Futures
Pratt Student Event
Higgins Hall
12:30pm-1:45pm Lunchtime Conversations
Ground | Two x Matavai
Ground | Greenbelt Society
Voice | Environmental Storytelling
Higgins Hall
2pm-5pm Mobile Workshops
Food | Know Waste Lands, Bushwick
Ground | Newtown Creek Alliance, Greenpoint
Voice | Red Hook Rise, Red Hook
Learn | Weeksville Heritage Center, Crown Heights
leave from Higgins Hall

*Please note that the historic Pratt House is unfortunately not ADA Accessible
**This page will be updated with a more detailed, downloadable itinerary and map of locations.